We will be posting pictures of our Boxers doing what they do best - Entertaining Us - here.



Nap Time!

Which Boxer wants to go for a swim?

Mileaway, Benta, Simon and Kala just relaxing.

5th Birthday Party for Simon, Benta and Kala

Kate reading the Boxers a Christmas story

Opening Christmas presents!

Benta and Simon basking in the sun

Snack time with Benta and our granddaughters

Our Boxer family getting acquainted with our new addition, Sophie

Sophie on a walk with Dennis, myself and our granddaughters

Cuddle time with Sophie

Sophie with me and my granddaughters, Kate and Ariel

Sophie with her favorite ball

Summer time relaxation for Kate & Simon - Benta wants to play ball!!

Sophie and Ben playing around   


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Simon 2009- Christmas rubber chicken toy

Simon and Benta- 9 Years old...

Simon and Sophie- Christmas 2009

Sophie  & Dennis at the beach in Ventura - January 2010  

Pleasant Dreams...Saying Goodnight to my granddaughters and Benta

Sophie  & Dennis playing at the beach

Blaze, Reena, and mom Sophie (6months old)

Sophie and Blaze with their favorite toys

Reena at the beach

Blaze napping with mom Halloween Parade - Skeletons! Our nine year old granddaughter with Reena Sophie and Mom....
Play Ball!! Ice Cream!!! Happy 7th Birthday Blaze and Reena!
Happy 8th Birthday Blaze and Reena! The Whole Crew!  

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